€urodrift series has been running since July 2004 where the D1 brought along Ken Nomura to judge and give the series a credible start. The €urodrift series has been helped with advise and cooperation of the The D1 corporation. They originally came to assess the interest in drifting in the UK and Europe. their decision to help Drift UK to take drifting to the next level has Been very much appreciated.

The series since then has concentrated on the oval stock car tracks as its practice and competition venues but 2006 will see the €urodrift move on to a combination of Go-Kart tracks and circuits

We will also introduce a Driving licence system and run 2 Classes for 2006. Club-class and Pro-class! although there will be 2 classes they will run together and points will separate the two classes. In effect, this means that a club-class driver can qualify and go up against the pro-class providing his car meets the rules for twin drifting.

The last meeting of the year will also see a drift-off between the top 2 club-class and top 2 pro-class which effectively give us 3 possible prize winners.